Building a positive future for persons infected with and affected by HIV and AIDS through networking in the national response. Leadership in advocacy.

About Us

Liberia Network of People Living with HIV and AIDS (LibNeP+) is the National body of Networks organizations working in the field of HIV and AIDS


To create a future and an environment where a person living with HIV is seen and treated by society as any other person.


To build a positive future for persons living with HIV through networking in the national response, leadership in advocacy, prevention strategies, education and policy to minimize the adverse personal and social effects of HIV and AIDS


  • The reduction in stigma and discrimination against persons and communities infected with and affected by HIV and AIDS
  • Positive persons having full and unrestricted access to healthcare and health services in their countries of existence
  • Contribute positively to the national response in reducing the rise in HIV infection and HIV and AIDS related deaths


National AIDS Commission of Liberia | UNAIDS Liberia | Liberia Coordinating Mechanism | National AIDS Control Program | Ministry of Health Liberia | International Treatment Preparedness Coalition (ITPC ) | Lutheran Church in Liberia HIV and AIDS Program | Mother Patern College of Health Sciences | Population Services International (PSI) Liberia | Transgender Network of Liberia (TNoL) | Lipride | LEN | Stop Aids in Liberia (SAIL)

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